Commercial contracts in Italy:

Beny-Boatti law firm advises in connection with commercial supply, distribution, franchising, agency, tender and licence agreements. The Firm adapts complex international market products and structures to Italian law concepts and institutions so as to ensure their legality and coherence under Italian law.

Recupero crediti

In this theme and since many years, our Law firm deals, judicially or extrajudicially, with:

Contractual assistance of the credits in Italy

Drafting of contract terms against the risks of non-payment or delayed payment, contractual exceptions, drafting of arbitration clauses, types of contracts, credit guarantees, mortgaging, endorsement, guarantee, etc..

Extrajudicial debt collection in Italy:

This phase includes all activities designed to encourage the debtor to pay, amicably, its debt, through an activity of communications and reminders, both written with the letter of legal notice and intimidation and further reminders and orally.

This phase is always started by an investigative study in order to determine economic and financial conditions and availability of the debtor.

  • Immediate legal notice and intimidation.
  • Costs and time communicated in advance.
  • Legal proceedings from the beginning.

Judicial debt collection in Italy:

Failure to recover a debt in the pre-court phase (which reduces time and costs) requires the appeal to the court.

If the investigations carried out by Beny-Boatti Avvocati give evidence of favorable elements or do not reveal anything negative against the debtor, our law firm suggests the promotion of legal proceedings to recover debts, prior comunication of costs, time and probability of success of the judicial procedure.


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