Immigration Law in Italy:

In this very typical and critical subject, our Law firm deals, judicially or extra-judicially, for many years with:

  • corporate immigration in Italy: international secondments and transfers FROM and TO wherever in Italy (see WORKING IN ITALY)
  • hiring of non-EU citizens within (art. 21 D. Lgs 286/1998) or without (art. 27 D. Lgs 286/1998) the annual government quotas (see particular work cases);
  • tax and social security issues regarding employment activities hold on the Italian territory (see INTERNATIONAL TREATIES);
  • visas and entering procedures for employment activities, studies, business, missions, etc;
  • dependant visa (see ITALIAN DEPENDANT VISA);
  • suitability lodging certificates for Italian accommodation;
  • assistance to EU citizens and “new” EU member states citizens;
  • obtaining work permits (“nulla osta”), residence contracts (“contratto di soggiorno”) and residence permits (“permesso di soggiorno”);
  • expulsions;
  • immigration criminal law;
  • acquiring the Italian citizenship (see NATURALIZATION AND ACQUISITION OF ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP).

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