Italian dependent VISA:

Law states that some family members can join non-EU citizens with valid Italian residence permit (for no less than one year) on the basis of a dependant visa (“ricongiungimento familiare”).

The main steps are:

  • personal request by the solicitant living in Italy trough the relevant application form (“Ricongiungimento familiare – Modello S”) filled and sent electronically to the relevant Immigration Offices (“Sportello Unico per l’ Immigrazione”);
  • the Immigration Office (“Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione”) will convoke the solicitant and ask him to provide all documentation regarding his incomes and the accommodation offered to the joining relative(s);
  • if feasible, the dependant permit (“nulla osta”) will be sent to the relevant Italian consulate, the joining relative will have to ask for his/her dependant visa at the relevant Italian consulate with the relevant documentation;
  • finally and once entered in Italy with the dependant visa, the joining relative must, within 8 days, go to the relevant Immigration Office (“Sportello Unico per l’ Immigrazione”) sign his residence contract (“contratto di soggiorno”) and apply at the post office for his residence permit (“permesso di soggiorno”).

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